Solar Power,Solar Energy

Why Solar Energy?

Solar energy can be used to provide cost-effective solutions to those places where there is no mains electricity. They require no or little maintenance and have a long lifetime. Compared to other renewable sources solar energy possesses many advantages:  

Non-pollution and great contribution to global warming
One of the greatest advantages of solar energy is that there are no carbon dioxide, methane or other polluting emissions that warm the atmosphere, and applications of solar energy are totally silent, there are no any noise pollution.  
Infinite energy resource
Nowadays people are worrying about the shortage of energy resources. Solar energy is not a finite resource like fossil fuels. As long as sun rises, it constantly produces all the energy we can use.
Reduce maintenance costs
No fuel or lubricants need to be supplied to solar energy appliances.
Production costs fall
The production costs of solar appliances are falling as technology develops. Solar energy technology is becoming increasingly efficient.
Low running costs
With prices of traditional fuels soaring the cost advantages of solar energy are becoming more and more obvious. After installation of the appliance, solar energy is free.
Local application
Suitable for remote areas, mountains, forests that are not connected to energy grids. . 
Health and safety benefits
In some poorer countries where people have used kerosene and candles for domestic heating and lighting, respiratory diseases and impaired eyesight have resulted. Solar energy can be stored for night-time use to overcomes those problems.
In summary, solar energy is greatly promising to the world.
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